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This Moment

In this moment I am . . . 

* excited about all things bookish, but a little frustrated at not getting enough time to work on them.

* loving the newly cool nights and mornings as the weather heads toward Fall.

* soaking up what is feeling like the last days of summer, fitting in more hikes, walks, outside play.

* appreciating the bounty of summer harvests, canning it in large jars knowing we’ll appreciate it for the next year.

* reading, reading, reading some really great books while my book is in the hands of my beta readers.

* relieved that the feedback I’ve gotten so far has been positive overall. (Whew!)

* scheming up ways to make more time to write/work on the book. (Or more hours in the day. Or if there’s any possible way I can function well on no sleep at all.)

* enjoying the make believe antics of three crazy boys racing around here as superheroes foiling evil plots, keeping innocent people safe.

* loving the daily tradition of boys and girl climbing into our big bed for a little snuggle before *really* getting up for the day. (Hoping that’ll last forever, but knowing it won’t.)

* melting just a bit every time a little girl gets right up close to my face and says, “Mama, want hug?” then wraps her arms around my neck and squeezes with all her two-year-old might.

* realizing just how blessed I am.

What’s going on for you in this moment?

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