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Sneak Peek #2 and Betas

I did this today:

Those are printouts of my book, bundled up with goodies for my first readers, aka betas. On Friday I finished getting it ready, and actually handed it out to a few people over the weekend–electronically and in person. I’ve been getting more copies ready today and have handed some out. I’m excited and nervous–a huge bundle of nerves, actually–and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to sleep this month.

Luckily I do have other things to keep me busy (yes, always my four kids, but I actually meant other book-related things). Which is good. I’m going to create a couple of different cover designs and post a poll to get your input on which one is best and I’m going to figure out how to format the book properly for all the different platforms. I’m looking forward to doing all that because it just brings me closer to releasing this book. After I hear back from my beta readers, I’ll figure out what tweaking needs to happen, do it, then put it in the hands of my copy-editor/proofreader. Then, holy cow, it’ll be ready for upload and launch.

And after all that? I’ll start writing the next book. (Nothing but excitement, around here, I tell you!)

Of course, this makes it sound quicker than it will actually happen. I’m hoping to hear back from all my betas by the end of August, then I’ll have revisions to do. When that’s done Steve will do a line edit. And then my copy-editor will get it. After I get it back, I’ll do the formatting and then go through it to make sure everything looks good. So realistically we’re looking at around 3 months, probably, before it’s ready to be put up for sale. I know, I know. I wish it were sooner too.

But, hey, in the spirit of letting others get a read, how about another sneak peek? This is the opening of the book, the first page.

“Shall she be the first to die, Seer?”
Luke whipped his head around.
“Yes, I think so. Her healing makes her the more dangerous of the two.”
No. Not his sister. This one couldn’t be about Sera. He wrenched around to look behind him. Damn it, who’d said that?
Holy. Crap.
Ivory satin skin, copper colored hair, a combination of hard and soft in all the right places. Divine. That was the only way to describe her. Luke found it hard to breathe looking at her. It pierced him, her beauty. She smiled serenely at him. And though her words in his ear had struck terror, her visage soothed him. He knew with sudden certainty that he’d do anything to make her happy.
Torchlight from sconces on the walls flicked amber across her tall angular form. As Luke gazed at her intently, however, the appearance of beauty quivered, disappeared to reveal a disturbing gauntness. Sharp cheekbones under pale as death skin. Collarbones stood out above the skin-tight black tank top. Hip bones jutted out just above the top of her taut black pants. Not an ounce of excess to her body. Not an ounce of humanity in her glittering dark eyes.
Had he really thought she was beautiful a moment ago? He studied her again. She was sickeningly skeletal, yet a moment later inexplicably alluring. All at once terrifying, grotesque, and ravishing. What the hell was she?
Goose bumps spread up his arms.
This was, without a doubt, the scariest vision he’d ever had.

Nothing like a little teaser to start out the week, right? Have a great one, everybody!

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