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About Writing:
* The evolution of a novel from first draft to final is amazing. How much more complete it is, rounded, intertwined. 
* The accidental perfect turn of phrase–like a moment of brilliance. 
* How, even when I think I can’t do it, I can. 

About Life:
* The slowness of the days, cool quiet of the nights. 
* That I have kids who want to play outside all day long. And they can.
* The freedom to play, dream, plot, create with my kids.
* That our flower garden, mostly planted from seeds, is starting to hint at being a flower garden rather than just a big patch of weeds.
* That we’ve gone through two kids having surgery (one last week, one 6 years ago) without problems. (But enough already. No more.)

About Kids:
* When I put a bandaid on my kids’ legs or feet, they suddenly can’t walk very well. 
* When I put a bandaid on arms or hands, the arm is no longer useful. 
* That they are perfectly who they are . . . which is to say not perfect at all. 
* This email exchange between Riley (9) and Torin (7):

    Torin: Your superhero name is Supersmash.
    Riley: Okay, your superhero name is Wolverbeans.
* That I can love them more every day. (Even on the not-so-good days.)

What are you loving right now? 

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