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Keeping Still

Can I tell you how s-l-o-w time goes when you’re sitting in the waiting room while your child has surgery?  S.L.O.W. And it’s not like I could concentrate on anything for longer than a nanosecond. I had brought the book with me to read through one last time before passing it out to my beta readers, but just couldn’t focus for more than a word or two. I sat there wishing I’d brought my knitting so at least I could have had something to do with my hands. It wouldn’t have made the time go by any quicker, but at least I would have been doing something. Maybe it wouldn’t have felt like every minute took forever.

Or maybe it still would have.

But Cael is fine. I’m traumatized, but he’s fine. That’s being a parent, right? I know. Of course, afterwards while the surgeon was telling us how everything went, he said that we needed to keep Cael from running, jumping or riding his bike for at least a week, preferably two. Our response? We totally laughed at him. Cael is a couple of weeks away from 5. Keeping him still? Not gonna happen. The day after the surgery we had to tell him time and again to “stop running!” “please don’t climb on the furniture” “no headstands on the couch!”

And we’ve had to say things we never thought we’d say: “No, I don’t want you to go play outside. Stay inside and play computer games or watch a movie.” Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any holding him back now. Fingers crossed that two and a half days is enough time for tissues to have fused back together strongly enough because it’s impossible to keep him still anymore. I’m just going to hope those stitches hold.

That was our weekend, really. Started with the surgery, ended with almost tying Cael to a chair. (Okay, not really. But now that I think of it? It would have kept him still longer.)

In other news:

I’m in shock at what happened in Oslo. Honestly, I cannot comprehend how someone can do this sort of thing. My thoughts are with the people of Norway, especially the families of those lost.

On a much happier note, I’m loving the fact that in my state, a lot of people got married on Sunday who weren’t allowed to before. I smiled all day long for those happy couples. Yay equality! Yay for loving who you love! This really makes me so happy.

Another thing making me happy? Generous neighbors who let us swim in their pond.

What’s making you happy this week?