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A Whale of a Good Story

You know, with all the bad news that gets reported–all. the. time.–I’m always in the mood for good news. You, too? Here’s one that just about gave me chills as I watched the video. These people came upon a humpback whale that was so tangled up in nylon netting that it was on the verge of drowning. They had one knife between them on their little boat, and worked for an hour to free the whale. Had they not helped, the whale would have died. One of the people on the boat filmed it (oh, look, a video link below . . .  what luck). The whale celebrated its freedom afterwards with so much joy, it just makes you smile to watch it frolic. 35 tons of frolic. Pretty awesome.  (The video comes with a Speedo alert. You have been warned. And it starts a bit slow, you might want to skip to about the :50 sec mark where the story begins.)

Happy Monday, everyone! Wishing you a week of good news (and no Speedos) (Speedoes?) (Hmmm.).

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