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Berry Fever

The very end of June and beginning of July is berry picking season at my house. Black raspberries, a.k.a. black caps. They grow abundantly around our yard. Which makes for very happy children, snacking on berries all day long as they roam the perimeter of the yard, harvesting ripe ones. And a very busy Steve with picking and picking and picking for several weeks. Usually by the end of two weeks of picking, he’s all picked out.

Mmmm . . . berry goodness.

Me, too. Well, not picked out. But certainly berried out. Though I’m not usually out there picking, I am the washer and freezer of all things berry. And I have the purple stained hands to prove it. While black caps are so yummy right off the bush–fresh and juicy–they also make the best pies. Which is what all the bags of berries I have stocked in our freezer are destined to become.

Ebba’s favorite way to pick berries? Take all the ones out of my hand. “Me have all,” she says.

Nothing like a berry patch in your own yard.

But what I’m loving most about the berries this year? The entertainment value. My kids go out and pick and pick and pick. Like all day long. It’s keeping them busy and very, very happy. Plus they’re not quite as desperate to eat the berries Steve has picked for freezing . . . though they still ask regularly. You can never eat too many berries, right?

It’s hard to keep little hands out of the washed and drying berries. Uh, big hands too. Just don’t tell Steve.
You know who else likes to eat black caps? Daddy longlegs.
See those prickly parts? These are some well-protected berries. I’m glad I’m not the one out there.

It’s hot and humid today so those berries out there are ripening at light speed. We could probably pick all day long. Hmmm. Maybe we will.

Hope your week starts of with sweet goodness. Have a great day, everyone!

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