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We’re off to the local theatre to see a kids’ show this morning, so I don’t have time for much. But I do have a few quick random things.

First? Eva Cassidy singing “Fields of Gold.” If you haven’t heard of Eva, you have totally been missing out. There’s no video of her singing it (she died in her early thirties), but this is a soundtrack of her with some beautiful video footage as visual accompaniment.

(You are so gonna thank me for introducing you to her.)

(You’re totally welcome.)

On a serious note, did you know that drowning doesn’t look like drowning? There’s no arm waving and people can’t yell for help. Since it’s summer and people are hitting the pools and beaches, this is a good time to learn or relearn this. Read this description of what someone looks like when they’re drowning. It’s incredibly scary and sobering because it’s not what you’d think drowning would look like, and so very necessary to know if you’re going to spend time around water, especially if you have kids. And don’t rely only on lifeguards to watch your kids when they’re in the water.
Lastly, something fun. Go here and click on the blocks in the window to make music. Make patterns and hear what they sound like. Remove a block/note by clicking it a second time. Draw a smiley face or your initials. Let your kids play too. The more you click, the more complicated the music. And it’s all beautiful! So cool.
We have a crazy busy weekend ahead–getting together with old and new friends, and a neighborhood parade–so I probably won’t make it back here until next week.
Happy weekend! Happy last day of June!