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This Moment


In this moment I am . . .

* excited to have seen the first monarch of the summer this week.

* happy for another day spent out of doors. Walking, exploring, discovering.

* tired in a good way from an afternoon spent yesterday with dear friends.

* grateful our state parks have bathrooms in which to rinse off shirts that have been thrown-up on.

* looking forward to picking strawberries and sugar snap peas when we go pick up the fresh goodness at our CSA farm today.

* anticipating the sweet, simple joy those strawberries and peas will bring to my kids.

* saddened at the diagnosis of a loved one.

* glad it’s Friday and we get a weekend to spend all together.

* lucky to spend my days with four growing littles, and my nights creating imaginary people.

What’s going on for you in this moment?

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